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Website Bounty is a place to get advise, guidance, honest opinions and recommendations on website plugins, themes, hosting, tools and more to build premium websites. 

Our mission is to help Web Developers, Web Designers, Business owners and Marketers to choose the best tools suitable for their projects and businesses. 

We manually curate all the products we recommend. Our philosophy is: If it is not good enough, why write about it. 

Our goal is to save our readers time and money. We know how hard it is to find the best product that gets the job done that is why we want to help. 

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Website Bounty (this site) is free to use. As a reader you do not pay for using our service. Therefore, to keep this blog alive, and to cover costs we earn commissions if you buy some of the products, tools and services that we recommend at no extra cost to you. At times if you buy some products using our referral links you might get an exclusive discount from our partners.